So this is just kind of neat, right? The previous lair was a building originally built in 1911, with a lot of expansion in 1924, and it has a lot of history. It was even a chocolate factory for a while, in the 1950s, and I’m not even making that up. (Was it an evil chocolate factory? Sadly, this is not known.)

Anyway, we’ve been replacing the roofs in sections, because it’s a large and strange building, and we’re doing the last part now. Also doing some other improvement work as part of the same project, but mostly, it’s a new roof.

There’s a little mostly-decorative overhang on the front porch which is also singled. The big surprise is that this little decorative part had never been stripped off before. It was four layers deep back to the original, which means we now have a complete history of all the roofs this building ever had.

Now, the further down you go, the more damaged the shingles are, because – particularly bad in the day – they’d tar over the old layers, at least in sections. But some parts were still clean. Check this out:


That’s 1911, 1946 (almost definitely), 1963 (probably), and 1982, left to right. I like that modernist striped blue! That must’ve looked pretty damn swank in ’63. I’d love a photo of the whole roof done up that way – but yeah, good luck finding that.

1982 came out brighter than it was in real life, I don’t know why. It’s a dark grey, with no actual hint of blue in it. But the others are pretty good representations.

I’m gonna save pieces and make a display frame of them, I think, like I want to do with the (huge!) Christmas Chocolates sale sign from the chocolate-factory era. That’ll be neat.