The last few days have been really terrible for Tracer bombs – and quicily-timed ults in general – on Overwatch. It’s to the point where I don’t consider Tracer to have an ult – the last couple of days, it’s 50/50 whether it’ll even deploy and go off.

I’ve seen lots of failure to deploy with Tracer bombs. Particularly, jink-jink-deploy is almost guaranteed to fail now – if you don’t have time for jink-jink-pause-deploy, it mostly doesn’t, and adding that pause is pretty much a death sentence for Tracer.

I’ve seen explosions with zero damage even with confirmed STUCK notices (and similarly not showing up in stats, which means the server never saw it? despite the STUCK notice?), and in one case, the bomb just outright vanished. I stuck it to a, it showed as STUCK, I teleported back, and it just… disappeared. I didn’t get it back in my inventory, it was just gone, and no damage.

I’m seeing it a lot playing too – in a bad situation, I’ll go in with a nerf ready into a big pile of players, stay alive as long as I can doing as much damage as I can, hit nerf as my damage metre falls close to two digits, and historically, that’s a nerf – often not a very useful one, as it’s basically a Mech Reset – and I get a new mech. Now, generally, nothing. I get an eject, yes – but without the nerf, and without a new mech. And without the nerf to clear the crowd, that’s also an instant death.

Back on Tracer, the jink-unwind problem is getting worse, too. That killed me today in a screamingly infuriating way. We were defending stage 1 at Hanamura, and I do this thing when I’m coming back in after an elmination, where I jink over the short way from stage 2’s cliffside balcony to the cliffside rockery behind stage 1. It saves time and it’s neat, and it’s a triple-jink jump.

Today I did that, was over the stonework, then was suddenly unwound two jinks and falling to my death. It actually backed me up over the cliffs to drop me.

So, yeah.


eta: jfc tonight, tonight, defence in Hanamura, I nerfed to clear the point in overtime on the second point, it rattled off eight(!) kills and destroyed mecha/objects, it was massive and last-second, and it brought up the VICTORY banner…

…and then declared in audio “DEFEAT” (with the VICTORY banner still up!) and unwound all my kills (none of them appeared in my end of game stats), and gave the win to the other team.

What. The. Fuck.