Several weeks ago – probably two months, now – I saw a post by SJ Tucker where she was urging everybody to get their most positive song out there, just because the mood is so very, very terrible.

I don’t know if anybody else really took that up, but I’ve been working on one I wrote earlier this year and that I’ve only performed a few times, called “We’re Not Friends.” It’ll probably end up with some alternative title for release because negation titles don’t twig people and all that. It’s about the kind of fan reaction that you saw to Korrasami, or, as has been in the news the last few days, how Leslie Jones saw Whoopi Goldberg who, in turn, saw Nichelle Nichols, and in all of our cases, we’re seeing someone that isn’t allowed to exist just show up in front of you.

So of course with perfect timing I’ve been fighting weeks of system issues (thanks, Ubuntu), but despite that, I have been making headway on an early single release of this track. It was going to be on Din of Thieves – and still will be, all said and done – but I’m still trying to answer Sooj’s call.

And it’s being a real pain in the ass to mix. It doesn’t want a bassline, I’ve tried. It seems to want its entire low end in the drums. But while the drums it wants are simple, they’re difficult to get to come together sonically in a way that makes them sound like they’re all pieces of the same set.

And the chorus – hoo boy, I’ve reached out to people, but everybody’s busy with Other Stuff, because this is not the time of the year to try to work together some new tracks, apparently. Still workin’ on that. I have very specific ideas about what I want and I’m not getting them.

Still, I’m doin’ my damnedest to pull it together. September’s the goal. Labour day. Labour day if I can, aheh, get it all to work.