It’s April 1st, April Fool’s Day, and honestly, for supervillains who are in it for the lulz, this is literally the worst day. It’s like Halloween in the Buffyverse – doing anything today is just so… tacky.

So I’m 100% not.

Here’s a really cool Legend of Korra book two fan-made opening title sequence done in anime style.

Here are two fictional perfect cinnamon rolls (Supergirl and Flash) sharing ice cream.

When I was in Newfoundland, teens there were headbanging to super-high-energy trad. Please enjoy a crowd nearly starting a goddamn riot to a classical orchestra. It is wonderful:

Here is a rather short (but the right length) story you should take time out to read, A Guide for Young Ladies Entering the Service of the Fairies, by Rosamund Hodge. I need to remember this for next year’s Hugo nominations.

You heard Studio Ghibli’s Toonz animation software went open source, right?

Occasionally I will rise to the defense of Brutalist architecture, talking about how it can be beautiful, and pointing to thinks like Habitat ’68 in Montreal and Freeway Park in Seattle, along with other examples. Here are some examples from the former USSR – not all are in the greatest of condition, but the Druzhba health spa in Yalta is magnificent and I will fight you over it. I also rather like the examples in Minsk and Yalta.

So. There you go. Seven wonderful things. Zero April Fool’s Day “jokes.” Enjoy.

ps: Also, hey, a reminder that I post my fannish tracks as free downloads. Enjoy those too.