Several tracks I have up on Bandcamp are free downloads, and always will be. There are various reasons – generally because fandom, sometimes because licensing, and sometimes because they’re light-production live tracks, which doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

This is a compilation of those free tracks. Some of them say “buy now” because of how Bandcamp works, but just enter $0 if you want and that’s totally okay. Enjoy!

  • The Blue Morpho is a new character in this year’s The Venture Brothers, and he’s basically their Green Hornet – a superhero who pretends to be a super-criminal and everybody buys it. I decided the Blue Morpho pilot made in 1964 for ABC Television needed a theme song, which once again demonstrates I only do really obscure fan music.

  • An altered-cover song, I wanted to do the “filkiest” thing I could come up with for Conflikt, a filk convention (geek folk music) which brought me in to MC the event as Toastmuppet. So I took an existing Vixy & Tony filk track and – with permission – made it even geekier by making it about the 13th Doctor Who, out of regenerations, and contemplating his own mortality. Topical and relevant! For about six weeks. THANKS MOFFAT.

  • Written and performed for Jaegercon, the 2013 Pacific Rim fan convention. It’s what happens when we get the most electronic. Listen on headphones. Guest artists are Pacific Rim fans tereshkova2001, via Tumblr, and Kathryn Tewson, via Facebook.

  • Found on Cracksman Betty (2012), a song about the days of computers old, when they mostly came as kits. Not components: kits, with zillions of parts and soldering. No, really, this was a real thing. This will make very little sense unless you know that, and also know that the S-100 Bus was the first expansion standard for what became personal computers.

  • Live from Mars is four songs from one of the first live shows I ever did, at the Mars Bar in Seattle. To be honest, I mostly released it because I wanted to have an album called Live from Mars that actually was live from Mars. 😀

  • A team-up of Crime and the Forces of Evil with Twelve Good Measures for the 2010 Great Big Sea Karaoke Contest. Being us, we couldn’t leave well enough alone, and added more instruments and lyrics over the originally-wordless bridge. We had the most listeners by far in the viewer-response part of the contest, but weren’t included in the band-selected final tally, probably because of that. Ah well, it was still fun. 😀
  • The Diesel-Driven Eight-Dimensional Jet Car Blues (2009) (not on Bandcamp – direct mp3 download) – a joint effort with The Hong Kong Cavaliers. It always bugged me that Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers were big rock stars in the cult film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, and yet, we never see them perform a whole song! We see them start, twice, but plot keeps happening, so… I fixed it. All the Cavaliers are on this, including Buckaroo Banzai himself, and every one of their notes (except, like… three?) are scraped off the film soundtrack in tiny, tiny slices. Seriously, there are eight billion edits here, and I’m still proud of how you can’t hear any of them. And, of course, since it’s a joint appearance with us, Crime and the Forces of Evil are here too! Those are my lyrics (since the film didn’t have any – in character, they’re B. Banzai/P. Tommy), and we’re on zouk, and mandolin, and a bunch of kinds of drums, and some other sounds.