Okay, so I was looking at the photos of the natural gas explosion in Greenwood that destroyed at least three businesses and two buildings, and The Angry Beaver (right across the street) didn’t look too badly beat up – like, I saw a photo of the front windows being shattered but still in place, and I figured “okay, not as bad as all that, clean up and board up and open for business.” But here’s this, from /r/Seattle:

My boyfriend owns the bar directly across the street (Angry Beaver). We were closing down when the explosion happened. We thought ‘terrorist attack’ and all four of us ran out the back door. I think we are lucky to be alive. All of our windows blew out, bottles flew off the shelves, the ceiling blew out, stuff in the kitchen exploded. Our bar is destroyed. I don’t know how we came out alive, but not a single one of us was hurt. I don’t know what the fallout will be tomorrow, but we have our staff and regulars at our house right now drinking whiskey. We took pictures of the damages. I feel sorry for our insurance.

Hey, yeah, apparently WORSE THAN IT LOOKED. The Seattle Quebecois and Newfoundland trad communities might want to jump in here maybe? I have no idea how, or even how to get that ball rolling, though. Supervillain fundraisers tend to be some variant of “hold the world hostage by taking over the moon,” which isn’t real applicable here.

Everybody pass the word along, so at least everybody knows?

eta: Here’s the Beaver’s ‘closed for now’ post.

eta2: Here are multiple confirmed aid pages for the businesses destroyed or damaged in the explosion.