Anna and I had a big worldbuilding session last night. Well, not so much worldbuilding – more world plotting, for The Free Court of Seattle book three, the follow up for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker.

A nontrivial chunk of the “how things work” this time is coming from me. I have solved multiple major problems here. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a prose writer. I’ve tried; I’m not good at it. But I can certainly make lives difficult for characters and I can certainly figure out how to make it make sense; I am serving as executive producer in charge of fucking shit up for Anna’s characters here, and I love it.

And the best part is, see… the last album, Bone Walker – we’ve been calling it the soundtrack for the series, but people assume it’s really for the first two books, since that’s what’s out. And I’m quite sure readers who listen to “Something’s Coming” think it’s about the start of Faerie Blood, book one. We encouraged that a little bit, I admit, putting it at the start of the album.

But the reality is, these assumptions are wrong. “Something’s Coming” in particular is serving multiple masters. I’ve been saying “thematic spoilers ahead” since the beginning. I’m pretty sure that washes off people, but you’ll find out how much foreshadowing I did in book three – and how much of a “related work” (in the Hugo sense, as in eligible this year, aheh) Bone Walker (the album) really has been.

I cannot wait for that to happen.

I mean, obviously, I have to – wait, I mean – because Anna’s only in outline mode now. But… yeah. I know how this all goes down, you don’t, sorry. This is gonna be so great. 😀