See, this is the kind of thing that would send me into a killing spree. It’s assembly of a 6mm-wide Rubik’s Cube. I was dimly aware of Rubik’s Cube Fandom, which make their own insane rotational iterative puzzles, each more complicated than the next, some the size of basketballs, but I wasn’t also aware that there was a competition for smallest.

Seriously, it’d be heat ray time for EVERYONE, I get antsy just watching it be assembled. But I still think it’s awfully neat and hey, go you, obsessive rotational puzzle fandom, go you:

ps: This may be the final day of posts using the Social distributor/comment collector. I’m kind of hoping that they leave the proxy app running and just take the plugin offline on the site. I doubt it, but hey, I can hope. Again, if you have suggestions for replacements, tell me about it – thanks.