Give this little Class-T amplifier a proper power supply, which I’ve finally done, and suddenly it’s MADE OF LOUD.

Yes, these are the monster stage monitors that I blogged about rebuilding before. But they’re still “passive” mains, which is to say, they need external amplification – like essentially all concert gear before about 15 years ago.

What I’m doing here is spending $23 (holy crow $23?!) each on bare-board Class T amplifiers, and $26 each on high-quality 24 volt power supplies, and making them into active monitors. This will let them be useful with modern mixers, which tend to not include amplification, expecting that to be bundled into the speakers themselves.

Being me, of course, I’ll leave the old-style functionality exposed. So they’ll be usable with both old and new-style gear.

Funny thing is, these monitors… they were famously terrible, but at this point, they’ve become actively pleasant to listen to. I’m doing an extended power test of the amp and power supply right now, and I’m staying in the room and listening to it on purpose, because hey, why wouldn’t I?

I know where the beat is at,
‘cos I know what time it is
fishin’ in the rivers of life


This post is part of a series on restoring infamous vintage stage monitors. Spoiler: they made good, in the end.