I’m finding that getting someone to replicate 150 CDs with colour labels costs more than buying A WHOLE NEW PRINTER+EXTRA INK+200 blanks and doing it myself. That’s kind of goofy. Capital expenditures what.

This is relevant to anything at all because Lightscribe (which is how I printed Dick Tracy Must Die, as a DIY project) is very much a legacy technology now, and I can’t get green lightscribe blanks anymore. The closest I can find are what I suspect are remaindered five-colour Memorex multipacks, which makes my per-disc cost $4. Yeah, no.

So yeah, I dunno. I was just going to farm out this mini-run, but now I’m weighing whether just to get a whole new printer just for this. Because then I could use it for other things. Which I likely would. And also, I wouldn’t have to worry about the printing technology going away – at least, not before CDs go away entirely, if they do.

(There are, yes, still some advantages of physical media. Most notably, people like having something you can sign. Also, while less of a problem: no DRM, no subject-to-surprise-licensing-changes. And finally, physical data durability. That’s a pretty decent combination right there.)

Downsides: 1) wtf will I do with this extra device other than this? Nothing? 2) where will I put it? 3) it seems like a waste because wow, a whole printer? (see nr. 1) and 4) um… not sure about four but four sounded better than three for some reason.

I mean, I guess I can say, “my time is worth money” and have it come closer to balancing that way, but the next time I need/want some short-run CDs… yeah.

I dunno. Anybody got opinions?