I had two very interesting meetings yesterday. One is about a new fan-run event; I’m providing advice and information and possibly some other involvement. They’re very ambitions, and I worry that they’re overreaching, but their numbers are sane. It looks promising.

They’re also looking for some people for various positions – webmaster, music track lead, publications lead (they have multiple promotions people), programming co-ordinator (they have most track leads already), stuff like that. Their web presence at the moment is just Facebook, but give it a look.

The other one… the other one… yeah. The other one is more in I-would-be-setting-fires territory. But it’s early days, and I provided a lot of data, and a lot of advice, and I’m throwing some people who need to be together at each other, and hopefully that’ll work. Because I do not want to start that particular riot.

On the way back from that second meeting, this happened. I was not involved with the accident, but nonetheless ended up directing traffic for three hours on a side street after an articulated Sound Transit bus got directed by police down a lane-and-a-half road with oncoming traffic, inadequate guard rails, and hairpin curves. That was… a bad decision. And my reaction was… weird. I guess superhero instincts still kick in sometimes. Ah, well, I guess I’ll get over it.

(Spoiler: I will never get over it.)

Anyway, eventually police came by and I thought they were going to take over – I had asked a previous traffic cop a couple of hours before for somebody to do this because goddamn – but they said “yes, helping, but stop it, liability.” And I was all “really? good samaritan law?” and they were all “NOT FOR YOU” and I went “oh.” So I quit.

I guess the best part of that was the road traffic worker who I helped get through the traffic and offered me his reflective safety vest. He thought I was doing it just fine. But I guess that wasn’t the point, anyway.

Yeah! Weird day. Very weird.