Lou Antonelli is a writer and voluntary part of the Sad Puppy slate, who has clearly stated his support for their political agenda. He has received a couple of nominations due to their slate voting. He has written screeds against the godless leftists who oppose the Puppy slate, and has accused anti-Slate activists of engaging in organised criminal activity:

[Opponents of the Slates] should hope there is not a sweep of No Awards because they crossed the line in attacking some authors into that’s called “exaction” under organized crime statutes. They threatened someone’s income or livelihood. It’s not extortion because no physical threat was employed, but when people say certain authors will never get published again, or that they will have to use a pen name in the future, they are committing exaction. Certain editors at Tor books – and one of the MCs at the Hugo ceremony – are guilty of this.

And now it has come out that he wrote a letter to the Spokane Police Department, urging surveillance of Guest of Honour David Gerrold as “insane” and “a public danger.” Here are his words, as quoted at the link:

I personally wrote a letter addressed to the police chief in Spokane and said I thought the man was insane and a public danger and needs to be watched when the convention’s going on, and I mean it. I attached my business card. I said this guy’s inciting to violence. Somebody—a weak-minded might attack somebody because of his relentless strength of abuse. I think, honestly, I think he belongs in a secure psychiatric facility.

He has apologised for this, now that the word is out. Despite the order and proximity of those events, several people have noted the apparent sincerity of the apology. He has also posted on Facebook that he’s had an upcoming story cancelled by the publisher, and says he deserves that.

As for me, well, the only difference between this and SWATing is the reaction time, and I’m very glad he chose to write a letter instead of calling 911.

I already lacked any sympathy for the Puppy crowd, as my writings clearly show. But this – this is genuinely a new low. This is slow-motion GamerGate bullshit right here.

I was honestly thinking that the outrageous portions of this mess had died down, and that perhaps things would be just fine. But then we get things like this, and maybe not.
eta: So this happened:

And Lou Antonelli is telling people to knock it off, you jerks, you aren’t helping:

Ok, if anyone I know out there is contacting Carrie Cuinn and castigating her for the decision not to publish my story, knock it off. She and Lakeside Circus have their right to free expression, also. Lambasting her is certainly not helping things.

Insofar as the story is now available, and to make the best of a bad situation (since it probably will never be published anywhere anyhow – or anything I write in the future, for that matter), I will drop it in here now, so maybe some people can enjoy it.

eta2: However, turns out he’d edited Carrie’s letter to delete context and add identifying information before throwing it out there to his fans. That “knock it off” of his has a whole lot less value to me now. To me, it now feels less like “don’t do that” and more like, “okay, I figure she’s had enough.” Wow.

eta3: Pretty Terrible points to other cases where he’s done stuff like this before. So this isn’t a one-off.

eta4: I talked with members of the Worldcon concom about their decision to override their harassment policy and their harassment committee’s decision to refund Mr. Antonelli’s membership and bar him from the convention. In their statement, they noted that Mr. Gerrold had asked them to do so; I can accept that, grudgingly. But they did not mention Ms. Cuinn, about which I expressed my displeasure. They have now said they did talk to her and she did agree with the reversal in this case. I’ve suggested that belongs in the statement; they agree.

This part of a series of posts on the Sad/Rabid Puppy candidate slate-based capture of the Hugo Awards, and resulting fallout.