The Stonewall Riots – the revolt that started the modern queer rights movement – were started mostly by the drag queens and transwomen, with a bulldyke, a black drag queen, and a transwoman all resisting arrest just for being queer.

Stormé DeLarverie, the bulldyke daughter of a black mother and white father, urged the crowd to action after she was beaten with a club while being arrested. Marsha P. Johnson, the black drag queen in question, is generally believed to have thrown the first brick that really got resistance going. She and the above-mentioned transwoman, Ms. Griffin-Gracy, are all acknowledged as leaders in the revolt. Sylvia Rivera, another transgendered woman, was also important.

All this is true unless, of course, you’re watching the contemptible movie version coming out later this year. From the trailer:

If you watch this trailer, this message is pretty damn clear: a straight-looking gay white guy turned things around and made this revolt happen. The trailer is telling you a straight-up lie. It’s whitewashing, it’s erasure, it’s elimination of women and people of colour from history. It’s contemptible. And it’s routine.

The director calls it “fictionalised.” Yeah, fictionalised to change the actual people of history into a straight-looking white dude.

Do not support this movie.