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well, that's my fault then

On the Hugo Awards voting page, I thought you had to save your Hugo ballot categories individually. After a while, I noticed you didn’t, that any save was save all, but since we have greylisting going on our mail server, I ended up getting the, um, 7? confirmation mails all at once. (Once per save!)

Here’s DS Moen’s slightly-out-of-date Puppy-free voting guide – don’t forget that The Three-Body Problem was elevated to the ballot after a Puppy nominee withdrew. Read the notes included with the Hugo Voter Packet, they are useful.

Since I may go back and change a couple of my voting stacks, I’m not posting my ballot yet. That’ll give me something to talk about on Monday, anyway. Deadline is the 31st.

Remember, you can vote now and still change your vote later, up to the deadline, when there will be a rush. So you may as well get that done. Vote!

super terrible

In addition to being brutally terrible, Pixels is also deeply misogynistic.

I’d seen other commentary to that effect in reviews, but this article gives examples and reasons.

Enjoy some quotes from other reviews. My favourite is, “an overwhelmingly sad experience” – Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.

minor spoiler eta: “So Pixels ends with the only likeable character and the only non-bullshit incarnation of its own premise [Q*Bert] blinking out of existence so that one of two vaguely prominent women characters in the entire cast can serve as a literal trophy. Holy fucking shit.” — MovieBob pulls no punches.

life with supervillainy: super mutant edition

Minion Paul: Oh yeah, take that, you super mutant. <BLAM> <Critical Strike> <dies>
Minion Paul: I’m gonna take your mole rat meat.
Solarbird: Doo dah, doo dah
Minion Paul, singing: I’m gonna take your mole rat meat!
Solarbird, joining in: All the doo dah day!

this one is harder to steal

Another aquatic lair, courtesy James on Facebook! On the surface, this one’s a fair bit less awful than the previous one, but the name they gave it is kind of horrible and means you’d still want to steal it to own it ethically, just because of that. (Unless you’re a white supremacist, in which case, please buy it and leave a paper trail so I can solve your fucking problem through violence.)

But that’s not the ship’s fault, and hey, it’s a submarine! That’s cool. Mashable talks about it here, with some pictures.

i glared at her, said learn to read

One of the people bidding for some work at the Lair called back and told me they had tried to email me some things, but it wasn’t working. Keep in mind I had hit the “contact by phone” box on their webform, and had most specifically not checked “contact by email.”

So I had them read the error to me. Which they dutifully did, including reading the email address I gave their form:

Even that didn’t register until I said it back to them. And this is why I don’t trust companies with real email addresses.

I see the Seattle People's Front have struck again

Much better, Brian.

popular science: going to the moon may in fact be cheap.

Going to the moon could be 90% cheaper than previous estimates based on old systems. That would be really cool.

the new shtick: bring it all down?

There’s a rumour floating around that the Puppies have given up on hopes of getting any awards out of this Hugo slate awards capture trick they’ve pulled, and are just NO AWARDing every category en masse. Note that’s different to what I said to do, which was vote for non-Puppy candidates, then NO AWARD.

I mean, seriously, in a single-party election, if you managed to defeat the only party? You must be pretty good. That deserves votes.

I first heard about it from this tweet:

Regardless, here’s Adam Troy-Castro talking about the strategy, and what he thinks it means. (Related: “Why I’m Disliked: A Ten Point List,” by John Scalzi.)

However, it’s definitely not a united bloc on this strategy; the oberpuppyführer has been writing against the FULL NO AWARD suite, specifically in response to proud Puppy slate candidate Michael Z. Williamson’s call to bring the whole thing down. Vox also claims they still have not brought their full weight to bear in this matter; we’ll see about that. (Yes, I will occasionally read Vox Day so you don’t have to.)

I think most of this is just the latest “claim victory no matter what happens” strategy. I also don’t think they have a lot of credibility left outside their own circles, so I’m pretty sure that doesn’t matter, unless Vox still has some 1930s-esque dreams of CONTROLLING THE FUTURE THROUGH SCIENCE FICTION FANDOM! Which he might do, given that’s pretty much when he’s from.

Either way, voting ends soon, and we will all know what happens then. See you in Spokane!

This part of a series of posts on the Sad/Rabid Puppy candidate slate-based capture of the Hugo Awards, and resulting fallout.

also this weekend

Some months ago, I discovered “Class T” amplifiers, and also discovered that they have pretty good reputations and can be had for astonishingly low prices direct from manufacturer. They’re mostly used in automotive audio, but I’ve had some thoughts on converting my passive main speakers to active main speakers, so I acquired one.

I finally built a test harness for one of these boards on Saturday night.

Damn right I know how to party

Result: it’s worth building a better harness, and, most particularly, use a more suitable power supply. I basically grabbed a 15v DC adaptor out of my I ♥ You Power Supplies box of random salvage, and really, that’s a pretty shitty test transformer.

But even with that, it worked, as in, it functioned and sound good enough to give it a proper go. I didn’t get the low end out of it I’d’ve liked to, but, again, radically underpowered supply voltage, and one of the places that shows up is in lack of low end oomph. I’m hoping that’s it, because if it is, I’d be able to upgrade a lot of old kit on the seriously cheap.

And that’s not a bad thing at all.

How was your weekend?

This post is part of a series on restoring infamous vintage stage monitors. Spoiler: they made good, in the end.

"lukey" now on youtube

I’ve got a couple of weekends off that I had planned out for work that fell through, so I finally made another one of those fake turntable videos. So now “Lukey” – from Bone Walker, of course – is on YouTube. Being played on a gramophone, apparently, for which we thank David T. Stone of Seattle! So, if you’re a big YouTube user, now you can play it there:

I could totally see this track being the one I’d put on an actual cylinder were I to do that craziness. It’s period! It could have been done then, and almost certainly was in some form. Ah, someday. Until then, we have this. Enjoy!

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