On the Hugo Awards voting page, I thought you had to save your Hugo ballot categories individually. After a while, I noticed you didn’t, that any save was save all, but since we have greylisting going on our mail server, I ended up getting the, um, 7? confirmation mails all at once. (Once per save!)

Here’s DS Moen’s slightly-out-of-date Puppy-free voting guide – don’t forget that The Three-Body Problem was elevated to the ballot after a Puppy nominee withdrew. Read the notes included with the Hugo Voter Packet, they are useful.

Since I may go back and change a couple of my voting stacks, I’m not posting my ballot yet. That’ll give me something to talk about on Monday, anyway. Deadline is the 31st.

Remember, you can vote now and still change your vote later, up to the deadline, when there will be a rush. So you may as well get that done. Vote!