Oh hey look “The Burke-Gilman Troll” is on “heavy rotation” at Highlander Radio:

If you are a Celtic Radio Network listener – which means Highlander Radio, or Celt Rock Radio, amongst others – please, please, go request a track. Also maybe drop in some 5-star ratings, eh? It will really help.

I used to work in radio and even if it’s different when it’s streaming instead of broadcast – I don’t even know what it means in a streaming context – it’s still pretty cool to hear see words “heavy rotation” applied to my band. Particularly when it’s a paying site. MONEY IS FLOWING TO THE ARTIST. By which I mean fractions of pennies. BUT STILL.

Also, it’s kinda neat to be on the same list as Flogging Molly and Young Dubliners. 😀

So, yeah! Go make a request, would you? Thanks!