Can’t make it to San Diego? C’mon out to the party on the peninsula! Clallam Bay Comicon is this weekend, out in Clallam Bay, and it’s more or less a geek party, including hours – no, really, hours – of fireworks on the beach. And by that I do in fact mean actual fireworks, not an old-timey euphemism for sex.

The whole thing is Donna Barr’s fault; it started as a party in her front yard. This year, there’s actually a GoH and an actual con hotel, by which I mean con B&B. It’s booked up, but there are other hotels which… are likely also full, because it’s Clallam Fun Days. But there’s camping! And the weather is supposed to be good. And being out in Clallam Bay, attending memberships are free.

But even leaving aside the parade – we’re in it – and beach party, the basics are there. Track programming during the afternoons, a tiny gaming room, a dealer’s den, apparently a couple of room parties, stuff like that. No official cosplay yet, but I’m pretty sure the parade will make up for that.

I have a concert on Saturday at 4pm, and some panels on Sunday; Anna is doing a self-publishing/small-press panel at 1pm on Saturday, even if it’s not on the schedule yet. I had a breakthrough on “Everybody’s Famous (at the NSA)” last night and I’m definitely going to do my best to stumble through that on stage. Also “Getting Away With It” and “Thirteen” and I’m still trying to finish another thing. Sadly, I’m almost certainly not doing “We’re Not Friends,” which despite the title, is super upbeat, and is still super-unfinished. I’m not used to writing upbeat, it’s hard. XD