On top of everything below, I’m mad that this Puppies slate-voting/nominations-gaming stunt happened this year in particular.

I know that’s selfish, but we don’t get a lot of Cascadian Worldcons; I know, I’ve been involved (at low levels) with a few failed bids. But more, a friend of mine won the competition to do the Hugo Award base. I was really happy for him, and now he gets to deal with this.

I mean, the whole mess is overtly political bullshit, done for overtly political reasons, mostly – when it comes right down to it – for spite, to Show Those People What. And while plenty of people have been hurt by this – to the distinct pleasure of some on the Puppy side, since after all, that’s kind of the point – it’s a little more personal when it’s people you know.

Anyway. I’ve assembled a bunch of links off to other people talking about the Puppies, including – talking of people being hurt by it – Annie Bellet removing her story from the ballot, and Marko Kloos removing his novel. I had most of these already yesterday, but I wanted to keep one day clear of it.

Here are all of my posts on the topic so far; they’ve also all been added to the Sexism and Racism in Geek Culture masterpost, which is on the left in “Collections.” Or, you know, right here.

  • On Buying some Hugo Awardstm, and voting No Award
  • We’d Better All Be Ready To Go To The Business Meeting, on gaming the rules change process itself
  • On Brad Torgersen and Crocodile Tears, and the Correia/Torgersen attempts to distance themselves from the white supremacist they invited into their campaign
  • A Predicable? Doubling Down, wherein I respond to Brad Torgersen’s assertion that anyone opposing the Puppy slate are Leninist Communists
  • Some Puppies Are Deleting Things, wherein I repost and/or link to caches of material various Puppies – mostly John C. Wright – have tried to hide via deletion or just pretend never happened. Too bad that’s not how the internet works, guys. Also wherein I get accused of libel by John C. Wright for quoting John C. Wright. That’s not how libel works, either. Possibly to be followed by John C. Wright coming over here and yelling at me for this, too, because wow, John C. Wright vanity searches a lot, and this will totally come up in John C. Wright’s John C. Wright search results. Hi John!

eta: I am adding to this list as I find more things today, some of which are kind of hilarious, some of which are kind of pathetic, some of which are both. Enjoy?