After all the Puppies mess of the last week or so, something important to me got a bit lost in the wash:

I’m taking a sabbatical from the Norwescon concom next year, but I want nwcMUSIC to live on; they need several people to take my place.

They’re going to break my job up into multiple smaller jobs, which is good and right, and needs to happen. I built that festival on force of personality, and it’s time for me to step away. But I will help. I will throw you data, I will throw you files, I will throw you everything I can.

I won’t be on the committee, but I will aid whoever replaces me, because I want this thing I’ve built to survive my departure.

So please, go look, and even if you’re not a person who should do this, even if you’re only vaguely interested, please, please, go tell your friends anyway. And ask them to tell their friends. We want the widest possible net to be cast here.

And send them all to this link for more information:

Again, please, please, please spread this around. nwcMUSIC has the tools, it has the momentum, it has the mindshare – it just needs a few people to step in and run the various parts. We’ve built a hell of a thing here, and it’s been a lot of fun; now help Norwescon find those right people to replace me, so we can keep this party going.