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a really interesting video on sound and the brain

Anna had this video by Vi Hart dropped in as a comment on one of her Facebook posts, and it’s really cool. It’s called What is up with Noises? (The Science and Mathematics of Sound, Frequency, and Pitch) and she’s talking about brains and harmonics and how sound is processed.

When she gets to the harmonics part and brain fill-ins, she’s talking about things which I figured out only last year, and started using with the bass parts on Bone Walker, so that you could hear them on things like laptop speakers.

Or, more accurately, think you’re hearing them.

(Things like this are why I need to remix Dick Tracy Must Die.)

this is kind of awesome instrument hacking

You know how I made a hammer dulcimer sound like an orchestral double-bass with studio tricks, for Bone Walker? Well, that’s easier now, because this guy makes bows for the things.

It’s kind of awesome actually. 😀

Petition to save St. James / The Rogue

There’s now a petition to help save St. James and The Rogue, a critically important venue in Vancouver. Go sign it:

If you don’t know what this is about, see yesterday’s post, here.

Another hugely important venue about to vanish?

Is The Rogue in Vancouver about to disappear? I just got mail last night from the operators, sent out to everyone on their mailing list, saying that apparently there’s about to be a surprise sale of St. James Community Square. That will be followed by demolition and redevelopment – starting in as little as two months.

This is a hugely important venue for the entire lower mainland/greater Vancouver folk scene, and to a smaller degree, the Seattle and Victoria scenes as well. They even bring in people from the Maritimes and Quebec. If you have any fucks in your fields to give for this, now is the time to give them.

Save Saint James Community Square
Under Threat of Re-Development
Help us purchase it from the United Church

We need your support right now to save this building from the wrecking ball!

Come to the show [yesterday] and sign the petition.

Call St. James Community Square on 604-739-9373 in the morning.

Write letters of support. Pledge donations. Tell your friends. Heck, tell everyone about this!


This sale could happen within two months if you / we don’t act NOW.

Anna and I have already pledged support. There’s no online version of the petition that I can find yet, though they have posted an alert to the official blog – basically what I pasted in above.

Hopefully there will be more word and more specifics soon. Until then – send email and sign up to mobilise!

no, gamergate misogyny is not even a little over

You think GamerGate misogyny has gone away? Oh hell to the no. After Brianna Wu cancelled her company exhibit at PAX East over threats of violence and concerns about inadequate security – remember, there have now been actual attempts to kill women over this – she went personally, herself, to appear on a panel about censorship. And this happened:

Of course, the GamerGate response is to launch a Fear, Uncertainty, and… oh, we’ll say Denial (“shitpost”) operation:

eta: Brianna Wu responds:

Tycho, Gabe? The ball’s in your court. This guy needs to be banned from all PAX events, everywhere. Forever.

eta2 on Monday: Brianna appears to be satisfied with how it was handled. Good.


This is part of a large collection of posts on sexism and racism in geek culture.
An index page for the collection may be found here.

still sick

Still sick. Missing a show today. Sadness!

But on the other hand, Turtle-Duck Date Night happened last night, and it took about five hours before the news coverage, between which time the Korrsami fandom exploded like it was December all over again and everything is happiness and roses.

Also the odds are still real good of winning Bone Walker and the books over at Dark Side of the Glass. This is your last opportunity to enter so you’d best go do it. Entering is really easy and, as I mentioned before, right now, the odds are good.

Y’know this whole “sick” thing reminds me of why I never do this “sick” thing. Note to self: no future sickness. And write it down this time, goddammit.

taking it easy for a couple of days

I’ve got some sort of head cold or something – I’m basically about as sick as I ever get (sore throat, coughing, sleepy, a little headachy) so, yeah. Not so much online at the moment.

But don’t forget to enter the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker giveaway. Entry deadline is midnight, March 8th, so you’ve got a few days still.

So, yeah. Back when I’m feeling a little less blicky.

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