Is The Rogue in Vancouver about to disappear? I just got mail last night from the operators, sent out to everyone on their mailing list, saying that apparently there’s about to be a surprise sale of St. James Community Square. That will be followed by demolition and redevelopment – starting in as little as two months.

This is a hugely important venue for the entire lower mainland/greater Vancouver folk scene, and to a smaller degree, the Seattle and Victoria scenes as well. They even bring in people from the Maritimes and Quebec. If you have any fucks in your fields to give for this, now is the time to give them.

Save Saint James Community Square
Under Threat of Re-Development
Help us purchase it from the United Church

We need your support right now to save this building from the wrecking ball!

Come to the show [yesterday] and sign the petition.

Call St. James Community Square on 604-739-9373 in the morning.

Write letters of support. Pledge donations. Tell your friends. Heck, tell everyone about this!


This sale could happen within two months if you / we don’t act NOW.

Anna and I have already pledged support. There’s no online version of the petition that I can find yet, though they have posted an alert to the official blog – basically what I pasted in above.

Hopefully there will be more word and more specifics soon. Until then – send email and sign up to mobilise!