Up late until 1am comping mandolin. So it’s PHOTOSPAM DAY!

The primary reason Anna and I went up island was to see Le Vent du Nord – Anna had bought tickets to the symphony show they were doing with the Victoria Symphony almost a year ago, and friends bought tickets to their more typical bar show up in Cumberland which followed.

The symphony show was a little too respectable for my tastes. The group tends to the conservative – lots of Bach in the programme this year I see, oh look, you’ve got a Beethoven show – and I was in the washroom queue before the show listening to the somewhat older regulars saying things like, “Well, it’ll be different” with a small about of disapproval.

No photos allowed during the show

They won the crowd over, in the end, which was a bit of an achievement. And it’s a nice theatre.

Anyway, after that, we headed up island. The Cumberland show was in a local pub in the actual traditional sense – they have a Dominion-era license from the 1840s and it is indeed a public house. Anna brought Jean-Claude, of course – it’s required!

Jean-Claude Mamut stands in rapt attention!

As you can see, we were front row, again. Anna is a huge fangirl and will not be denied; I’m mostly brought along for the ride. XD Camera conditions were difficult, but I got a few nice shots:

You might recognise this stage from a couple of days ago.

Dark is a supervillain’s favourite colour. Also Batman’s. Think about it.

I got this

The microphone was not actually spring-loaded and did not actually thwock Simon in the eye. It merely looks like that’s what happened. I was not involved. No, honestly, I wasn’t.

The only shot of Olivier that came out.

The energy was good in the pub and we had a lot of fun. After this we went hiking before heading home; I’ll post some nature pictures next.