Another work track from Bone Walker: The Free Court of Seattle; this is Faerie Blood chapter 23, third movement, the arrival of the Seelie host. I’m posting it as proof-of-MIDI; these chimes sound reasonable, I think, and the small bells, as well. I did play both, in the sense of playing on a MIDI keyboard tied to sampled instruments.

You should hear the Faerie Court of the Seelie come in at, oh, around 30 seconds or so? Depends upon how good your speakers are. You should hear them for sure by the 50 second mark. But don’t skip ahead, I mean, the thing builds, that’s the point. ^_^

Track credits so far: Ellen Eades (hammer dulcimer, faux double-bass with Dara Korra’ti), Sunnie Larsen (fiddle), me (see above, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, MIDI chimes and bells, recording, engineering).

I cannot wait for percussion tracks to start coming in. Normally I do my own percussion (see also everything I’ve done, but also Kitsune at War (work track), from this soundtrack project) but these are being done outside, and I’m really looking forward to them coming in. 😀