Oh, right, the group noun / collective noun of microphones question!

You collectively came to no consensus whatsoever. As is typical for supervillains, so we’re on theme there. XD Of all the candidates for a group noun for microphones, most received at least one vote – my nomination, a silly of microphones, being an exception as it didn’t even get my vote because your ideas were better. And there’s a three way tie for best.

To wit, the top three, in alphabetical order, with the names of the people who suggested them:

  • A Boom of Microphones (Pauline, band site)
  • A Feedback of Microphones (Corvi & Jessie C, DW; Clemtaur, LJ; Susan Davis, FB)
  • A Heard of Microphones (Josh K, Russ, Susan Davis, FB)

And only one vote behind, worth an honourable mention:

  • An Impedance of Microphones (Scott, band site)

Personally, I think it should be a heard of headphones, myself, but that wasn’t tabled for question time this past go ’round. What do you think?

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