Four months of repeated eye surgery takes a toll on you, sometimes in unexpected ways. I haven’t been completely idle – in fact, I have a tendency to push beyond what I’m supposed to be doing – but I’ve been “taking it easy” at most for months.

But Tuesday was a Back-in-the-Saddle day in a new way: live acoustic instrument recording.

Take 1

“Something’s Coming (2014).” It’s the first studio version of this song – the version on Dick Tracy Must Die is a live recording. Five takes of aggressive, snarling, hard-driving zouk.

And I am wiped the fuck out. My arms feel like noodles.

I may be back in the saddle again – no, I am back in the saddle again – but I’m gonna have some sores for a while. Mmmmmm, chafing. XD

ps: The collective nouns people came up with for a group of microphones were pretty funny. You know, like murder of ravens and parliament of owls and all that. Check them out. XD