Remember that voice-acting gig I got last year? The project is finally out, so I can talk about it:

Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings

I’ve only listened to it once so far, and had a small power outage in the middle (lol, windstorms) but – honestly, I’m really impressed, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it. I’ve been following HeyLasFas on Bandcamp for a couple of years now, and he does really solid and often quite inventive work.

Destiny is a two-hour concept album/progressive rock opera, but I don’t think you need to know the background to follow the story, or need to follow the story to like the music.

Also, I’m pleased to say I was not left on the cutting room floor. Along with a bunch of other people, I am:

Dara Korra’ti – Citizen of Equestria

So I’m basically an extra in a crowd scene, but it’s a start! 😀 I have lines – again, in a crowd, so barely audible in with the mix – and therefore a voice acting credit! Go me! XD And thanks to HeyLasFas for including me, it was great fun.

Also, as a Citizen of Equestria, I presume this means I have an Equestrian passport now. Awesome. Take that, Conrad Black!

Oh, if you’re looking for the latest on the petition-to-SFWA pratfail – the new round involves threats to sue the internet and unwise protestations against “the Young” – here y’go. It’s hilarious, but then I try to be serious and constructive for a while, with genuine intent. It won’t do any good, but hey – I can but try.