Now that Popehat has weighted in, I think it’s time for a links collection – these are all just today:

Getting right to it: the law blog Popehat weighs in on Mr. Fodera’s libel threat, calling it buffoonish and describing it as legally without merit. Internet Lawyers never win.

Ann Aguirre takes it to the whole petition crowd:

I dropped from SFWA years ago, mostly because I found the secret forums to be awful to read. So many authors I had admired proved to have feet of clay, saying heinous things with apparent lack of remorse and complete equanimity. Given the way my own work was consistently marginalized, I decided the organization had little to offer other than dated attitudes and offensive remarks. I haven’t regretted letting my membership lapse. I haven’t missed finding barbs from people whose work I used to enjoy.

She has further commentary about self-marginalisation on the part of the petitioners and attackers that echo my commentary in last night’s post about these people making themselves irrelevant.

Mary Robinette Kowal posts on being picked out for special abuse by these guys, again. She got a lot of abuse from these folks when she was VP of SFWA, so she’s frankly kind of used to it. Directly related, John Scalzi wants to know exactly how books she has to publish, how many awards she has to win, and how many years of unpaid service she has to put in before Mary Robinette Kowal becomes “someone you should have heard of.”

Apparently some of the SFF.NET attackers say they wouldn’t be targeting her except for the Twelve Rabid Weasels comment, except that comment wasn’t actually about them, but it’s still her fault, so carry on. Or something like that, I didn’t dig through.

Over on Livejournal, novelist Katharine Kerr says why she’s staying in SFWA: because “we’re winning.” Not the petitioners; us.

Novelist Angela Highland has her own extensive comments on Mary Robinette Kowal, and follows it up with a big linkpost here, with additional commentary.

Mark Tiedemann posts a long personal comment about how he didn’t “get” it, until he eventually did, and is kind of appalled about the whole thing now.

I’ll be updating this as more relevant links come to my attention.

And to think I thought this was dying down on Friday. Alas, no.

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