I’m under medical orders to take it easy, so I am, and that’s cool and all, but boring. So today I made a couple of cloth iPad slipcases. They’re easy and I’ve never made one before. Both of these are multi-layered fabric; the red one is denim on the outside, artificial suede on the inside; the Cutter one has three layers, suede, denim, and on one side…

Okay, 10 years ago, the start of Medical Adventures was Anna’s bike accident wherein she broke her arm. They had to cut away her T-shirt and sweatshirt, and the T-shirt was particularly painful since it was one of her old Elfquest shirts, and a favourite. She said just to throw the cut-up remnants away, but I didn’t.

Blood of Ten Chiefs guards Anna’s iPad


The snap is small but metal and pretty easy to open and close; the band is sewn-edge like you’d do with a serger, but I don’t have a serger, so I faked it and applied some anti-fray glue. The art, of course, is rather old! But now it’s adhered against two layers of relatively stiff fabric, so should last a lot longer than it would’ve had it just stayed a T-shirt.

I have a totally superstitious hope that this can be a coda on the other end of this, and what’s scheduled for next month can be the end of it for a long time. I have no rational reason to think this, of course; I’m just resorting to animism here. But at least it has some art in it.

Also I made a minimalist one for Minion Paul; actually, I made it first. His first-gen iPad had a nice case, but Fred peed on it, and, well, finding first-generation iPad cases? Good luck. So I made him a slipcover case instead.

I’d’ve put a patch on it, but he didn’t have one he really wanted attached.

Slab of Red

Pointy there! POINTY THERE!

The only kind of trick to this one was wiring the rim. I was going to do kind of a drawstring thing but that’s kind of weird and lame, and this is kind of cool, and, let’s be honest, no more ineffective than those damned drawstrings.

Spring wire! Stays straight, which is more than you can say for me.

Oh, and if you do anything like this and want to layer fabrics together so make thicker multi-layer fabrics to, say, strengthen old T-shirt fabric so it no longer feels like a T-shirt at all? This is the best steam-on/iron-on fabric adhesive I’ve ever found. I will be using this again.

Honestly, nothing else I’ve used works nearly so easily or so well, and I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds. I wouldn’t go on about it this much except this is one of those solutions I looked for with real effort when I was more seriously into cosplay, and I’m really glad to have finally found one.