A reminder that the June 2013 Geekmusic Podcast is up; go listen. We’re also taking material for July. Deadline is July 1st for news and events which will happen late July and August. I’d prefer to need less lead time, but with all the shows coming up (Clallam May, Greenwood, etc) and work on the Bone Walker soundtrack happening, I need more space! Time! Spacetime! One of those.

(Inspector? Why I hardly…)

Also, for some reason last night I dreamt I was staying in a hotel room with Leannan Sidhe and Alexander James Adams, and Alec started playing Gershwin on piano, and wanted it in the act.

First, what act? Second, that wasn’t even Gershwin, except in my headspace at the time. Third, who has giant upright pianos in hotel rooms, anyway?

Honestly, brain, what.