You guys found three bugs! One of which is in Bandcamp’s code, and I’ve forwarded it to them, the other two were in my code and are fixed! The funniest one was probably ‘administrator comments on posts are rendered in black on black and thus invisible.’ Some might say that’s for the best, but I fixed it anyway. XD

You guys who found bugs want Minion buttons? Email me where to send them. 😀

Anyway, I did another round of tightening up and such last night, particularly on the Music page, which is hosted over at Bandcamp – I have less control, but not zero. In addition to the bug fixes above, here are the latest changes:

  • Music page borders now look like rest of website
  • Music and Blog pages now both have candy buttons in the banner like the rest of the website
  • Music and Blog page identifiers and menu placement are now consistent with rest of site (moreso on some browsers than others, because of reasons)
  • Blog page banner no longer a .gif (had been because legacy reasons), now same .jpg as rest of site
  • Minor element positioning improvements in blog

We should be pretty stable now for a while. If you see anything else, please let me know – thanks!