So at Folklife there was a guy carrying around a sign, “Kick me in the balls for $20.” And I was going to leave him alone but today it was down to $10 and he had some people aggressively shilling for him so when one of them came over to me while I was walking by, we had this conversation:

Solarbird: So where does the $10 come out?

Shiller: No, you kick him in the nads, $10!

Solarbird: Yeah, I get that, how hard to I have to kick him to make the $10 come out?

Siller: No, you give him $10!

Solarbird: But the sign… <points>

Then the guy shilling got mad and walked away which is really too bad, because I have a whole bunch of questions about this whole procedure, like, how did $10 get in there anyway? And if it was $20 yesterday, were there also $20s in there? And where did they go? And honestly, this sounds like some sort of medical condition, and he really should get it looked at, because while I’m no more fond of the American health care system than anyone else, I really have to say that for once this seems like kind of a self-correcting situation, because if you have a condition that makes your body spit out co-pays, that’s a pretty good start. “Yes, I have insurance.” <BALLKICK!> “Here y’go.”

Then Anna wanted to know whether this is related to the condition where you hit somebody ’till candy comes out, and that made me realise: My gods. It’s the tooth fairy. What is her plan?!