Episode Two of The Geekmusic Podcast is online now! YouTube, Soundcloud, and direct mp3 download all at the above link. We talk with Rai Kamishiro and Nicole Dieker of Hello, The Future! about musical culture and social expectations vs. art, plus the new Geekmusic News segment, and there’s a First Look at Ardour 3.1.

Have an embed of the YouTube version:

This one’s a lot shorter than the pilot – a trim 40 minutes instead of a sprawling hour and a half – because I like to think we learned better. The downloadable mp3 is accordingly smaller. I made a couple more interstitial and background fill-music pieces (I call them “portalesque” and “cosmic beats,” mostly just because I had to have filenames) so I hope those work. Lemmie know.

The official home is here:


…if you just want the URL.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear in Episode Three, let me know. Enjoy!