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anybody up sunday night?

A sneak preview for the 15 or so people who might actually see this on Sunday night: I’ve got episode 1 of The Geekmusic Podcast uploaded. YouTube, SoundCloud, direct download from Dropbox. All in one convenient place:

Give it a go? See what happens? Let me know?

some urgent system maintenance and also a podcast preview

Looks like we get to replace some hardware in the Lair’s MASSIVE ELECTRONIC BRAIN tonight. We were already scheduled to do this sometime this weekend, but, whelp, somebody stuck their little robot head in the data stream, and we’re just lucky they aren’t in control of the reactor.

So we’ll be dropping offline tonight, assuming we make it that long. If a big chunk of the earth’s crust flies into space suddenly tonight? It’s not my fault.

ETA: And we’re back! That was nightmarish but it’s fixed. We’re live!

Meanwhile, have a quick podcast preview:

It’s all! Right! There!

Okay, it’s not actually all right there, because the screen whited out a bit. But all the segments are done, the rest is wrapper and introduction and a little more stitching together. We’ll be out MONDAY with Episode One – not that episode one – even with all this.

Oh, and check this shit out; it’s a real-life 3D-drawing pen. It draws with melty plastic IN AIR. I am NOT EVEN JOKING, it is just that cool.

See you when I see you…

now it can be told

So in awesome news of awesomeness, I’ve been offered and have accepted a spot as musical guest on an upcoming live episode of The Cosmic Ray Show. The official website is here. I’m appearing with people who have actually, you know, done things – Discovery space columnist Amy Shira Teitel, Ryan Kobrick from Yuri’s Night, NASA/JPL engineer Matthew Robinson – so I need to get my shit together! XD

Does this thing have production codes? It should have production codes.

It’ll be livestreamed a few places, most notably YouTube, starting at 8pm Cascadian/Pacific, 11pm Eastern Standard, and a kind of problematic 12:30am Newfoundland (sorry! But that’s live web series for you). I’m in the closing segment.

So, tune in, if you can! And tell people. They already have a pretty good chunk of audience, but I would like to bring in a bit more.

random house goes after writers

Via John Scalzi: Random House is trying to adopt ALL the wretched, musician-bankrupting models of the record labels, and force them onto writers, all at once.


John’s post, with all the gruesome details. The imprint is called “Hydra,” but it’s Random House.


This is EXACTLY the model that labels have used to take ALL the money from the artists – ALL of it, so strings of chart-topping hits never “make money” and send artists into bankruptcy after years of below-minimum-wage returns.

DO NOT BUY IN. RUN from this. Run from it, and STOP OTHERS FROM SIGNING.

Seriously. This new model from Random House is the EXACT model musicians are trying to work around and recover from. IT IS BUILT TO STRIP MINE YOU FOR EVERY PENNY YOU EVER MAKE, AND MORE.

There is no winning here; not just for anyone who signs this agreement, but every other writer trying to sell their work. EVERYBODY loses – except the imprint, of course. And eventually even they even lose.

DO. NOT. BUY. IN. And tell others. This cannot be allowed to fly.

second valor of the healer giveaway

Anna is raffling off two copies of Valor of the Healer over at her author blog today. Get it before Carina Press’s release! She’s asking about your favourite musical characters, so go answer.

Also, I posted a short ECCC roundup here, late yesterday. If you only read things in the morning, there’s your link! And I have a live appearance coming up on … a web series I can’t name yet. But pencil in two weeks from tonight!

This podcast project is going to make me upgrade software. And possibly hardware. It’s not that it’s so insanely complex – it’s most assuredly not – it’s just that it’s so. long. I have about eight hours of source material to edit down into a bit over an hour, and apparently single tracks of two and a half hours make it a little cranky. And crashy. Whup, there went the GUI again. SURPRISE!

show announcement coming

I’ve just accepted an invitation to perform live on a web show, in two weeks – save Tuesday, March 19th, 8-9pm Cascadian/Pacific time (11-midnight Eastern) in your planners. More details soon!

ECCC this past weekend; I didn’t take photos, but did see some really awesome cosplay. My favourite was Bizzaro, a really old-school version, because who wears him? Someone who is huge and not conventionally attractive and decides to damned well own it.

Well played, sir. Well played.

I may’ve gone a bit overboard on loot

Also there were a whole fleet of Korras and every single one of them was awesome. I finally got a close-up look at Torrey’s Prince Zuko armour, and my god, the hammer work! Just lovely. She says it took her 14 hours just for the patterning; I’d’ve guessed longer.

Jhonen Vasquez’s standalone panel got scheduled badly, so he couldn’t talk about anything new – all that was embargoed until his publisher’s panel, a few hours later. But turns out he’s hilarious when having to wing it. Wendy and Richard Pini have a whole lot of things coming out in the very near future, only some of which they could quite talk about, but two of those are two new Wendy art books! One’s Art of Elfquest, of course, but the other is a solo non-Elfquest Wendy art book, which has been on a lot of peoples’ wish-lists for just ever.


I took a break from ECCC to record the final interview for the podcast pilot! And I’ve been editing like crazy ever since. I’m aiming for MARCH 11TH as the premiere. This will be a difficult date but I’m goin’ for it.

In between taxes and show prep and and and.

Anna has some commentary on Marvel and DC and the superhero sect with which I’m sad to say I generally agree. I have a long goddamn history with comics, and watching the core material for so much awesome stuff end up focusing more and more on being wank material? We are not amused. Fortunately, there’s a lot of other, better work out there, too.

Were you at ECCC? What’d you think?

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