As promised, The Geekmusic Podcast premieres today! We preview Norwescon, ask Hello, The Future!’s Nicole Disker, Rai Kamishiro, Death*Star, Klopfenpop, and Starlight’s Stephanie Weippert what all this geekmusic stuff is about anyway, play two songs from each, and have a healthy dose of DIY, ’cause that’s just what we do.

Episode One, The Geekmusic Podcast

Here’s the podcast page. It has YouTube embedded, and also direct links there, to Soundcloud, and to a direct Dropbox download link. I’m linking the page instead of those things because Dropbox gives me no statistics, and if people download it directly I! Never! Know! But I can count things here. ^_^ But here’s YouTube.

I really do want to hear what people think works, what people think needs fixed, and who and what people you’d like to hear in future episodes. So, go listen and send me feedback! I’ve never done a podcast – or even any radio segment this long, I always did music and sports. What do I know? XD