Back from Clallam Bay Comicon late last night – I have to say, Donna throws one heck of a house party! It was tiny, as expected, but not as tiny as I’d feared and I had a small but solid and appreciative audience on Saturday. Having it during Fun Days no doubt didn’t hurt. It was also fun to meet Mark Monlux and Kevin Boze, who were in the closest two tables next to me. ^_^

It was a bit of a weekend vacation, really. The beach is lots of fun to hike around on – it’s pebbly in some places, sandy in a few, and has terrific rockeries in other spots, particularly out where the lighthouse was. And Saturday night was beach party and fireworks night.

500 million illegal fireworks launched from this point

And everybody sold stuff! Seriously, everybody had sales, including Anna, who wasn’t even there, courtesy me taking along a few copies of Faerie Blood.

We stayed at the Bay Motel, which I was calling:

The Bay TV Phones Motel

The WiFi is a lie, by the way. Or maybe it was just us being out on the far end of the hotel. Hard to say. On the other hand, it was clean, the room slept four across three beds and a partition wall, it had a kitchentte, and I slept great for a $30 room share. I mean damn.

It’s mostly for sports fishers…

no, really?

…and the guys two doors down for us were smoking salmon they’d caught earlier in the day. There is now, for the record, a place in North America were I will intentionally eat cooked fish. This is unheard of outside Japan, but now? Japan, and Clallam Bay, at the Clallam Bay Inn. Made by Kayla. Fantastically good.

Sekiu, on the far end of the bay, is actually quite pretty too. But watch out for the statuary:

H.P. Lovecraft Memorial Signpost

Anyway, Donna’s already winding up for a second one next year. She has plans, potential hotels and indoor function space, and people are arguing about dates. So if you have opinions on that, jump in over here! And thanks again to everybody, particularly Donna for inviting and taking good care of me. ^_^

Next up: Toronto! That’ll be some amusing culture shock. The only real commonality will be the CBC. See you by Greenwood Park!