I’ve been underestimating Clallam Bay Comiket. There: I admit it. I have. There’re press releases and such now and it’s turning into a real thing even this year zero, and if it flies this year at all, it’ll be bigger next year. I’ll be there Saturday and maybe also Sunday at this point. It’ll be great. ^_^

And it’s also much further away than I thought! So I’m overnighting. I hope not in my car. ADVENTURE!

not that far away

PEOPLE LINKED TO THEIR ART! Here are the links promoted up, as promised!

Fishy has a very few hours left on his fire sculpture Kickstarter, but he’s made goal! AND – barely, as of now – the stretch goal. So this is LAST CALL FOR THE HARMONIC FIRE PENDULA! It’s cool.

Geri called for support for this effort to raise CAN$2,000 for a special-needs child’s bicycle. It sounds like a lot for a bike, but, well, special needs are what they are.

Irfon-Kim Ahmad is a Toronto musician! He records under the band name “Ramp,” and his stuff is all free-download. He’s hoping for comments and opinions! Check out the Ramp website here, or hop directly to the music page here.

Sarah Palmero has an Etsy store! It’s called Creature Comfort Craftworks and she hand-dyes yarn, spins fibre, takes requests, and occasionally makes things herself. Fabric artists, check it out.

And that’s all! Hopefully I’ll see one of you at Clallam Bay!

PS: This week’s instalment of my post-scarcity/post-RIAA music industry series – Part Four: Touring (Part 1 of 2) – went up late on Tuesday. So if you missed it, here it is.