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wires wires everywhere

LAST DAY FOR LEANNAN SIDHE’S KICKSTARTER! They made minimum goal but have not yet made stretch goal! They have like 10 hours to go as of this morning so GO NOW!

Cool part about building a studio is that you’ve built a studio! Uncool part is that you’re never finished, because even if you don’t want to add anything, all the parts you switch around all the time end up turning into WRITHING PILE OF INFINITE RUBBER SNAKES, by which I mean cables, and you get crosstalk and loud and and and.

Also, you bring stuff in and take stuff out and you already had too much in there* and now EVERYTHING IS IN THE WAY. Everything. IN THE WAY. All of it.

So once in a while you have to take it all apart and put it back together, and then you get ideas, and then you’re in for it because now it’s a project. Now I have a new shelf out of scrap wood so I can use some previously wasted space in the closet**, I got better power into the closet and built a charging area for battery devices, a bunch of stuff is GONE GONE GONE, I fixed most but not all of a noise problem (only affecting monitor speaker playback, and only really loud, so not actually a work-stoppage issue), AND!

…improved my speaker monitor setup so much omg you guys.

Seriously it is so much better. I have speaker output now that sounds like reference headset output, only, you know, the speaker version. I have no idea whether this sounds important to you, but totally is.

Also it’s kind of a demonstration of how good my baffles are because the sound comes from ONE DIRECTION ONLY. ONE. NO BOUNCING. NONE FOR YOU.

Which is a little weird. But cool.

The only kinda silly part is that Reference Speaker Set A are along one wall and Set B are along a different wall so you have to spin around in the chair to get stereo comparisons. SHUT UP IT’S THE ONLY WAY IT FITS. If I turn them all on and spin around fast enough maybe I’ll get surround sound.

Now all I need are to add are shelves for the good monitors and also some shitty computer speakers on the desktop, since that’s sadly what most people use! Maybe I can use something off a old CRT monitor. Remember these?

Man, those sucked


**: No really this helped so much, because now I have a place for gig bags. It was a really tall empty space.
⁂: I love weird typographical symbols.
‱: Like, is this just a box for you, or do you see it?

ok ok you guys listen seriously

Hey, check this shit out – a progrock concept album about the fall of Princess Luna and the rise of Nightmare Moon. It is epic. Also, another reminder: Leannan Sidhe’s album kickstarter closes on Friday. Best go now while good backer rewards are available. 😀

We got some suggestions in various places (Livejournal, Facebook) about new names for the local hardware store which has decided it needs a liquor license. Pick y’r favourite!

[poll id=”24″]

Finally, here, have this awesome NASA video of the Venus transit. I watched a few live feeds at once, because I could! HI THE FUTURE!

and i thought i had nothing to write

Oh rite, it’s Monday. Hi, Jango listeners! Nice to meet you! I should upload some more songs for you guys over there. For CONVENIENCE! But I hope you’ll look at the band website, because you can play everything here. ^_^

Private liquor sale is new in our part of Cascadia, and while I was busking at market yesterday, I discovered the local hardware store got themselves a liquor license. They’ll begin selling spirits in a couple of weeks.

Chainsaws, nailguns, and vodka! What could go wrong? All that’s missing are fireworks.

Suddenly, this seems like a good idea

I think they need a new name. I’ve already come up with NAILGUNS’N’GIN and AMPUTATIONS R US. Comment with suggestions, and I’ll make a poll on Wednesday. XD

Today, I’m working today on the soundtrack album for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker. The soundtrack was originally mostly for the first book, but it’s evolved into an equal treatment of both. There’s one song where I need to figure out licensing, but it should be pretty straightforward; we weren’t going to do any covers, but, well, Anna had an idea, and if we can get the right vocalist, it’d be awesome. But we need the right male vocalist, somebody who can be a bit of a crooner. I only know one who has the right voice, and he’s pretty busy. But I’ve asked. Fingers crossed.

Leannan Sidhe’s album kickstarter is on its last five days! (Yeah, it says four, the last day is day zero to go and it counts down in hours and minutes.) They’re quite close to funding now, so if you’ve been waiting, get yourself over there and back it!

These guys

They’ve come this far in a 21-day sprint run (vs. the usual 30-day), so their metrics are actually really good. It’d be cool to pop them back onto the Popular pages in the last few days, get a little bonus attention, maybe trigger their newly-announced stretch goal. I’ve already backed, so g’wan, do it.

diurnalism is a bad idea

Up early, waiting for my partner and occasional collaborator Anna as she gets dental surgery done – it’s nothing serious, but does involve anaesthetics which mean Anna requires babysitting. Note: DO allow texting (because hilarious), but do NOT allow root access.

This diurnal thing is for the birds.

We have a winner on the review lottery; thanks to 403 on Dreamwidth for the kind notes about Cracksman Betty, particularly the songs Song for a Blockade Runner and Columbia. Get me your address so I can mail you a signed physical CD! The band address works fine. 😀

Leannan Sidhe’s Kickstarter project has hit $2500, or 83.3%; statistically speaking, they’re sure to make it at this point. So go pick a level, ’cause at this point you’re pre-ordering. 😀 They’ve also announced some stretch goals.

And finally congratulations to friend-of-friends Mira Grant, whose novel Blackout has made the New York Times mass-market paperback best-seller list. I’ve read the first two (Feed and Deadline) and have this concluding novel queued up to read today while babysitting Anna. I’d’ve read it before, but I didn’t want to lose a day, which is what tends to happen with these things.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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