Up early, waiting for my partner and occasional collaborator Anna as she gets dental surgery done – it’s nothing serious, but does involve anaesthetics which mean Anna requires babysitting. Note: DO allow texting (because hilarious), but do NOT allow root access.

This diurnal thing is for the birds.

We have a winner on the review lottery; thanks to 403 on Dreamwidth for the kind notes about Cracksman Betty, particularly the songs Song for a Blockade Runner and Columbia. Get me your address so I can mail you a signed physical CD! The band address works fine. 😀

Leannan Sidhe’s Kickstarter project has hit $2500, or 83.3%; statistically speaking, they’re sure to make it at this point. So go pick a level, ’cause at this point you’re pre-ordering. 😀 They’ve also announced some stretch goals.

And finally congratulations to friend-of-friends Mira Grant, whose novel Blackout has made the New York Times mass-market paperback best-seller list. I’ve read the first two (Feed and Deadline) and have this concluding novel queued up to read today while babysitting Anna. I’d’ve read it before, but I didn’t want to lose a day, which is what tends to happen with these things.

Have a good weekend, everybody!