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Anybody here on Second Life?

THREE TOPICS! ONE POST! Much less disturbing than implied by that phrasing!

ONE: On the last tour, people suggested that I should do a concert on Second Life. Apparently this is something people do:

Someone Else’s Gig in Second Life

And they do it with actual live performance fed in via Shoutcast servers. I am adventurous and want to try this. I have found this guide, which seems helpful. But the real trick – as always – is getting an inside contact.

Are you on Second Life? Do you know venues looking for an artist? Talk to me! And show them videos from the last tour, and point them to the band website. This sounds amusing and I want to try it if I find a good venue manager.

TWO: I can announce that we are hosting an Annie Henry house concert this Saturday, December 17th! Doors open 6pm, show starts 7pm. We’ve had to CANCEL! Annie’s come down with the flu. You don’t want it. We’ll try again in January.

Live at Murkworks North

It’s funny; I’ve played house concerts, and been to other peoples’, but I’ve never hosted one before. If you are in Cascadia and want to trek to the Kenmore high lowlands, contact me! And if you’re on Facebook, Annie has put up an event page, here. Go RSVP!

THREE: The recommendations post has a bunch of recommendations in comments now, but you can still add more. I’ll recap on Wednesday, so if you know a local-ish to you crafter, musician, artist, writer, or whatever, and they have items for sale this gift-giving season, comment with info and URL before then!

And, of course, if you’re looking for a gift, I hope you’ll consider giving some of my music. I need ears, so if you want to download and burn some of the pay-what-you-like music as a stocking stuffer, please do! Just tell them where it came from. ^_^ And consider hosting a house concert! I’m trying to set up a February/March tour. 😀

I have some more things in process that I hope I can talk about soon, but that’s all for today.

recommendations post

So, if you’re like me, you still have gifts to buy. And while I hope some of you will buy something from me as gifts, I could use some suggestions. And I imagine some of you could, too!

A lot of you are indie artists or crafters or musicians, or have independent artists, crafters, or musicians you like. RECOMMEND THEM HERE! Or, if you’re the maker, link to your own stuff!

Click through and leave recommendations and suggestions in comments on the main band blog, please, so they’re all in the same place and easier to find. ^_^ Recommend away!

a new diy pop filter design

I had a hose clamp left over from another project, so came up with a new DIY pop filter design, and now I’ve made a howto video for it:

For those who don’t know, sounds like P and B and D are called “plosives,” and include a rush forward of air that shows up in recordings as kind of a low-frequency thunk. You can go buy a nice pop filter – which is basically just nylon stocking on a hoop – or you can make one yourself.

The difficult part tends to be attaching them to things so they stay in place. This one fits into a standard mic clip, which means no secondary noise transmission, and no futzing around with velco or whatever. Pop it into the clip, position it, and you’re done.

I’ve done some studio experiments with this new design, and it is dramatically better than my old version. I threw some intentionally super-severe popping of plosive sounds at it today (P-P-P-POW, P-P-P-POW, really punching those Ps as hard as I could), and where the old filter could only reduce them, this new design stopped three out of four outright. Under realistic conditions, it stopped everything. AND: it’s otherwise sonically transparent, so far.

So if you know anybody building their own equipment, well, here y’go, have a design. ^_^


This post is part of The DIY Studio Buildout Series, on building out a home recording studio.

i got it working

I had to upload the last few videos at standard definition instead of HD. I have no idea why, they’re HD resolution on my machine, but the web interface insisted. Still, they’re up!

I’ve got enough videos up there for an entire set at this point. 😀

I’m making a new, nicer pop filter for my studio mic mostly because working with the coathanger one is kind of annoying. So of course I’m making a DIY video of the process. I didn’t start out making a video, but realised after the first round of gluing that I should. That’ll be up in a day or two.

(Assuming I fight off whatever this is. I feel like six kinds of ass today. Blick.)

Boost this musician! Second-disc shipping is free right now on Bandcamp, and multi-disc orders are discounted 30% on CD Baby. Or download Cracksman Betty or Espionage and burn them to CDs as stocking-stuffer gifts!

Okay, yeah, definitely time for more meds. I hope this is just a 24-hour thing, because I feel like I’ve been hit by a car, and having been hit by a car, I know what I’m talking about. G’night!

lots of live video

I’ve been on a video-uploading rampage. I’m currently trying to upload even more (“Shout at the Desert,” specifically) but YouTube is balking. Hopefully it’ll be up by the time you read this; check out the channel:

CRIME and the Forces of Evil YouTube Channel

Most have more stage banter than this one does. I really want to give venue managers a better look at what I do right now.

So hopefully this is a pretty good look. Some of you have been to at least one of these shows – what do you think?

PS: Wednesday’s post was a bit TL;DR, but support your artists and musicians, directly. It’s the opposite of the we-own-your-stuff-forever system.

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