Not much to talk about on the music front today; still wrapped up with day jobbe shenanigans. The recordings from last week still await examination, and my next show isn’t until October, a solo instrumental set over in Redmond, Washington. I’ll be treating it as an audition for a larger spot at the same place next year.

But in supervillainy news, I have something exciting! Thanks to the fine folks at CRACKED, I have found my next lairbuilders! Assuming their technical capabilities verify out, of course. Sure, they also play to paranoid 2012 fantasies, but they play to paranoid 2012 crazies who have lots and lots of money! And they take that money from them. AND – they’re engineers! Apparently, they’re our kind of people!

Finally, the best poll engines are the ones that you can break and hack and make do really stupid things they were really never designed to do. Like I am! Seriously, I have no idea at all how well this is going to work. XD

Last week we found out WHO IS YOUR MASTER NOW?

This week, we ask, WHO IS YOUR THE MASTER NOW? Choose wisely, lest one of the losers make you fun-sized! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA!

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