…yes, I know, you voted for TICKIE!, which won with 10 votes, and you even demanded TICKIEBOX IS MY MASTER NOW shirts. And where actual people are concerned, you voted for Mira Grant (9 votes), Hugo nominee and general Zombiemeister, and some of you still follow Joss Whedon (7 votes), and very happily none of you follow George NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lucas anymore. But after the Gamera marathon this past weekend, I must to inform you that, in fact…

…yes, Zigra is your master now.

Or Tickiebox. Or Mira Grant. One of those. Choose your own master, won’t you? XD

Had relaxed-and-groovy fun at the show on Friday, playing to mostly kids with lots of pirate goodness; two one-hour sets in 30-plus-degree sun certainly wear you out, tho’, I gotta say! Also, Trinity College should be sponsoring me, given the number of Irish Bouzouki explanations I give after shows. HEY GUYS SHARE SOME LOVE ALREADY!

Then completely by accident on the way home I ran into a Bone Poets Orchestra concert in Redmond! HI SUNNIE! Nice show! ^_^ Then I had to work all weekend at day job stuff to make up for it, but that’s okay.

I think I got some decent recordings from my second set. The first set, the mix was merely okay, and it’s mono so I can’t fix it. (I really, really, really need to build some sort of stereo tap for my PA.) But the second set’s a bit better balanced, and I need to give it a good listen to see whether I can pull something from it to offer as a download – I haven’t managed the time to do a Trad O’ th’ Month this month, but I’m gonna, dammit. As soon as everything else lets up a bit, which should happen in about a week.

Also, I found this awesomely horrible thing (worksafe) that lj:arjache made even more awesomely horrible (lulz in comments), and then I stayed up way too late making this thing, for no good reason whatsoever, it’s called Yakedy PAX. Enjoy!

[Or don’t, because YouTube didn’t like that.]

I have another poll idea already, I’ll probably post it on Wednesday since that seems to work. Damn, I need to shoot you guys into space. That way, I could experiment on you whenever I wanted! XD