This is completely unrelated to music, I’m afraid. But if you’re wondering what the hell is going on with the US debt crisis, here’s my take. This is also how I tend to write about things not music-related, in my non-music time. There is villainy, tho’. Not supervillainy, so boring, but villainy nonetheless. Enjoy:

Debtordammerung: The US Debt Crisis, in four parts:
Part I: It is tempting, but not fair…
Part II: Why no cuts?
Part III: What happens?
Part IV: But why?

In music news, I’ve figured out a really power-chord-heavy approach to uncapoed Bb major on the zouk for which I am already writing a song just so I can use it. Muah ha ha ha ha ha!

Ah, isn’t that better? Also, I released a live EP last week, Espionage (Live from Mars). It’s a free/pay-what-you-like download, go check it, tell your friends. Don’t worry about paying if you don’t wanna, I mean, who’m I to talk? I just take shit – like a banker, but with more style. XD