I’m tired and hoarse but today was a good fuckin’ day. Talked to more people than I can count, ran out of everything except CDs, sold more than expected of those…! o/

I mean seriously, the whole weekend was like that. I performed solo, then got to play with Anna, got a much better Folklife crowd reaction than I expected (seriously: I’m out of everything except CDs – even personal cards), we got great weather, and on Monday I got surprise! backup musicians! Jeri and Jeff who just happened to come by and sat in a little on percussion and backing vocals (so awesome XD ). Plus Anna and I saw Source Code (finally!), and I got Official! Performer! Status! and Certifying! Button! which got me into the green room!

But mostly? I got four days of performing at a huge honkin’ music festival. Let me tell you: that is how to spend a god damned weekend. o/

ACTION HAIR PHOTO provided by Angela Korra’ti XD