Hey guys, I’m goin’ to Folklife! I’m going to street perform as weather permits, so say hi if you see me! Saturday or Sunday will probably be attend-as-attendee day, but Anna and I may streetplay together on Sunday – it’s all weather-permitting and all that.

So I’ve got this bit I do on stage that involves lighting a candle and doing it with a lighter kind of sucked, but ordinary matchbooks also kind of suck, so I’ve been looking for a now-uncommon piece of jewellery called a matchbox holder. And I finally found one – probably about 40 years old, estate sale, all that. I had to make a matchbox, drawer, and strike plate for it, since it’s for a rather oldskool matchbox size.

Also since it had a frame on the front I added some Kigo fan art. XD Here:

Have a good festival, Cascadians! And I understand Americans have some holiday this weekend too, so have fun with whatever that is too! XD