It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down in front of six-figures worth of audio equipment – I’m pretty sure the D/A converter alone cost more than all of my equipment combined. Fortunately, I had Mark from Seattle Disc Mastering to run it, so I’m back from the studio with a test master! I’ll be playing it on a lot of things over the next few days as I wait for an ISRC number assignment early next week.

We didn’t make any huge changes. It’s a collection of subtleties – some things are clearer, overall song equalisation is consistent across songs (like you expect on an album), there’s a bit more presence here and there, and a bit of the harshness of the kind of digital hardware I can afford is softened enough to prevent aural fatigue, the live track now sounds… more better, really. It’s all compressed a bit more. No, I’m not taking up arms in the Loudness Wars, it’s just enough to play better/more consistently across a wider array of equipment. Things like that.

Also, I can level up in hipster cred, as vacuum tubes have now been used to a significant degree in my CD process.

I rebuilt my EICO ST-40, I have a right!

I asked Mark, my mastering engineer, who he thought I sounded like. He was at a bit of a loss – other than Led Zeppelin. AGH! XD

I shoulda taken pictures. Oops. Oh well, I’m tired! That was a lot of work. G’night!