The first review I’ve found of Dick Tracy Must Die appeared on the web today, over at Diamond Island. It’s based on the downloadable album on Bandcamp, the files that went off to the mastering engineer. And…

…my gods, it’s full of raves. I’m… boggling. No bullshit here, I am stunned:

“[Dick Tracy Must Die is] outstanding… these birds are grown up and fly on their own… different, interesting, and independent at its core… biting insight and subtle wit… sincere and reasoned tenderness… Nothing’s wasted here…. I can’t find a single [song] I dislike. … The territory covered is impressive. I have yet to tire of it. The group characterizes itself as acoustic elf-metal. I would venture to say their sound is better described as acoustic elf-chrome—lustrous, hard, and pure.


…I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t think I’d ever get a review like this. From anybody. Ever. Particularly not from somebody who kinda hated Sketchy Characters.

People, f’srs, I gotta get this duplicator. Clickie for the Kickstarter project page. Srsly.

And here, have a player, they’ve made the whole-album player available. Yay!

I’m still boggling. OMG.