Well, I’m all packed and ready for Oregon. Shower tonight, drop overnight stuff in the bag, and off I go. If you’re in Oregon, near Bend, c’mon up to Redmond for my 1pm show on Monday the 12th! Centennial Amphitheatre, Centennial Park, Redmond. Sample musics at the top level of this site, like you’d expect.

This one’s different. Why is it different? Because this is far and away the farthest I’ve gone solely for a gig. I’ve played further away, sure, but I’ve had other business; this is just a gig trip. It’s my first overnight, it’s my first this far south, it’s a lot of little firsts like that which kind of add up, at least, in my head.

I’m not taking the laptop. Everything else in the world, yes; laptop, no. If you’re coming, awesome – I’ll see you in Redmond! If you’re not, wish me luck, and I’ll see you… when I see you.