I dropped the car off for long-overdue work in Bothell yesterday – I don’t drive much but I’m driving to this Oregon gig, and I tend to forget things like, idk, oil changes for six or eight or nine months – and on a whim decided I’d just walk home instead of catching the bus. It’s about five miles, but it was still morning and kind of pleasant. I sang a lot of way, got a good vocal workout.

On the way, I wandered by a pawn shop, went in on another whim, and it just happened to have a little battery powered combo amp for sale, used. I could kinda use one of these – a lot – because I’ve got two gigs later this summer which normally have power but currently don’t because of construction, so it was kind of switching from “gig” to “billed busking,” which has too much derp derp derp for my tastes, and I’ve wanted a solution. So I went home, did some research, came back today, and after some negotiations, it was also just barely affordable! I think it’ll double as a monitor for my main PA, too, which makes me extra happy. ^_^ It needs a little work (there’s some hiss on channel one that implies a needed capacitor swap, and since it’s made in China I need to examine all of them for capacitor plague) – but so far, it’s usable as-is!

So, hopefully, I just got lucky. Let’s hope that holds all the way through Oregon! ^_^