Tested out tomorrow’s setlist at Folklife, street-performing along one of the main drags, fighting for audio space against the south lawn stage, a band across the street, steel drums to the north, and a piano to the south. I brought crowds and sold CDs and got tips and got photographed a lot which is a good sign. (SEND ME COPIES, PLEEEEEEEEEASE! THANKS!) Tomorrow should be a pretty good show.

It was totally awesome seeing SarahK and House Cerulians and Betsy and Katie and Betsy’s friend whose name I forgot (sorry sorry sorry!) and all the people who came up to talk. That was fun! I should see you guys out more often! I played Dryad’s Promise for Betsy – at least, once I recovered from “oh shit this needs F minor how does that work?”, lulz. I’m planning on playing that song at the Oregon show, but wasn’t planning for it today or tomorrow, and there’s a big difference in feel between having ramped up for it and not – I was in performance space most of the time, but for that song I was having to pay too much attention to the technicals of playing and kept falling out.

I put myself into it f’srs tho’. And for all the other songs! I was highly kinetic. And I went at it rather longer than I meant to without a break (and without enough water) and got a pretty seriously achy neck – an ache that turned into CHARLIE HORSE IN THE NECK for a solid hour after I decided to quit. That stayed I calmed it down with my muscle relaxant of choice, three shots of peppermint schnapps. Now I feel much better.

(Okay, my real muscle relaxant of choice is two Skyy kamikazis, but schnapps will do in a pinch.)

NEXT GIG: TOMORROW! Or possibly today, depending upon when you read this. That’s June 1st, at Renton Piazza, Renton, Washington, Cascadia! Show starts at 5:30! To quote Pizzicato Five, “C’mon, y’all!”