Hello, merch! Have you seen a table, by any chance?

And if you missed it; that CD in the green slimline case is the new track I uploaded to Bandcamp yesterday, “Let Me Help.” You can listen to it here:

<a href="http://crimeandtheforcesofevil.bandcamp.com/track/let-me-help">Let Me Help by Crime and the Forces of Evil</a>

You could download it from there, too, even. I put singles in slimline cases, with rather minimal cover art burned straight into matching LightScribe discs, matching disc colours to cases. Each single has one of the characters off the Sketchy Characters cover. (IT’S A THEME GODDAMMIT! A GRAPHIC THEME! WORK WITH ME HERE!)

I’m not at all fond of the L in that face I’ve been using for titles. Not even a little. I should’ve checked over that face more carefully before going with it. Oh well, I’ll reset everything after Dick Tracy Must Die finally comes out. ^_^